Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well I think that I have done pretty well on my food budget. Yesterday I spent $1.00 on chips for dinner.

Dinner last night was 4 Hot dogs on buns (2 each) with chips which worked out to be $.60 per meal for the twins. I didn't really eat, I was busy cleaning. My sink has been slow to drain for a while now, over the weekend it stopped draining all together. I didn't really have the money to pay a plumber and DID NOT want to pay weekend rates at all! So I waited until yesterday my mom and dad had some work done as well and were kind enough to pay the bill. What would I do with out them!

But my deal of the week is cereal. I bought 13 boxes of different cereals for an average of $1.77 per box. We eat cereal for breakfast and snacks so it won't last long. I think that we have gone thru 3 boxes since Thursday, but I am hoping that they will last the rest of the month. I spent $33.79 on 13 boxes of cereal , 1 pack of whole wheat bagels and 2 candy bars.

May food budget remaining- $104.86 (3 weeks left)

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