Thursday, May 28, 2009


Okay, my DS is Bi-polar with ADHD. What does this mean? That he is bouncing off the walls and has mood swings that will give you whiplash. Along with the mood swings he has violent outburst in the past the outburst would last hours. Yes, hours of yelling, screaming, punching the wall, banging his head, running away from home, threating family and destroying everything in sight. Now days they only last an hour or so.
One of the problems now is that he is getting bigger. (12 yrs old 112 lbs) It seems that he attacks his twin DD#2 and me more. Now when he "starts" DD#1 just leaves. I worry that he will hurt himself or one of us. This past week has been a bad one.
What sets him off? Being told no, if he thinks some one is laughing at him, not eating at his time,not having complete control and me. That is the worst part is that no matter what I say or do it is not the right thing. If I try to go to the store 2 blocks from my house without him...outburst. If I try to go to dinner with friends....outburst. If I try to talk on the phone he wants to know who, what I am talking about and why. I am truly a prisoner.
When did this start? Before he could walk. When he was still crawling at day care he bit 2 children so bad thier parents removed them.Then it just got worse.
What have I done in the past? A lot. Therapy, he tells them whatever they want to hear then as soon as we get in the car he "starts". Disapline, I have taken everything away. He was left with a bed and dresser for 2 weeks and he didn't care. Grounding, that was BAD I was locked in the house with him! Meds. He has been of several different meds over the years we have not found the right ones yet. Hospital. This year he has got so out of control that I have put him in a children's mental health center three times this year. (which is where he is now)
I am doing my best to keep him out of the court system but at the rate he is going I am not going to be able to for long. This summer he will be spending a lot time with his dad and when he is not with his dad we are looking for activities that will keep him busy and out of the house. I know that it sounds like I am a bad mom but at right now my goals is to keep everyone safe. My fear is that it will come back to bite me in the end.
So for everyone out there living with a Bi-polar family member....I understand

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