Monday, May 4, 2009

Meal plan 5/3-5/9

Week 1
Sunday: B-Peanut butter pancakes (made my DD#1) (.50)
L-Leftover chicken from mom and dad's lunch out enough left to feed 3 of us! (FREE)
D- Pizza rolls (went spent all day cleaning we were all wore out) (.99)
Monday: Spaghetti, salad and garlic toast (.75)
Tuesday: Taco Salad (1.40)
Wednesday: OPEN-Planned Corndogs and Chips only I could not find Corndogs within my budget price.
Thursday: Smoked sausage w/peppers, onions and potatoes and cornbread (1.35)
Friday: Baked Potato Bar (1.00)
Saturday: B-Cin. Rolls (.55)
L-Cheese and Fruit (.70)
D-Hf deluxe w/salad or green beans (1.00 or less made from mostly leftovers)
That is $8.24 per serving = $49.44 for the week for 3 people. That is NOT what I spent, I had a lot of stuff on hand.
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