Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meal Plan 6/22-6/30

I did ok sticking to the meal plan last week. I have found that the worst part about meal planning for me is my kids. DD#1 isn't home enough any more to matter but the twins seem to be on the run too this summer. So what I have come up with is dinner is at 6:00 and if you are not there you can reheat it or make your own. My kitchen is closed for cooking after dinner. Another issue I am having is breakfast and lunch. Monday-Friday they can make their own. On the weekends I have decided you are on your own for breakfast but I will plan a lunch, on Sunday I am going to plan Brunch and Dinner.
My Meal Plan for the rest of June is pretty much planned because I am using what I have but for July I am going back to planning week by week. In July I am going to try to spend only $38 a week for all 3 meals.
Bagelfuls/bagel, toast w/peanutbutter or cereal
Sloppy Joes, leftovers, pb&j, ramen and taco salad
22: Salsa chicken/rice/corn
23: Taco Bake/rice/green beans
24: Pasta w/sauce/green beans/garlic bread
25:Pork Chops/cornbread stuffing/peas
26: ShakenBake Chicken/fruit/leftover veggies
27: B-OYO L- Ramen/fruit D-Teriyaki chicken/rice/peas
28: LEFTOVER DAY (we eat whatever is on hand)
29: Mac&ch/green beans
30: Smoked Sausage/pasta salad/peas
For more great meal plans go to Orgjunkie.com

Thursday, June 4, 2009

210 days

Things to do in 210 days
I got this idea from Elizabeth at http://smalltownblessings.blogspot.com/2009/05/101-things-in-1001-days.html.
Now I could not come up with 101 things over 1001 days. So my goal is to finish 20 things in 210 days. 210 days is the number of days left in 2009 from today. Right now I am a little short on my list I plan to add a few more items of the next few days.
As a mother:
Go to an outdoor play
Plan a "special" day with each child
Teach my kids to cook
Create a photo album for DS #1
Enforce Home Contract

As a friend:
Make a meal to take to someone
Help with a big project
Host a dinner party

As a citizen:
Start recycling
Learn 5 things about local history

As a friend to myself:
Go to the movies to see
-New Moon
-Transformers 2
Plan to spend 5 hours a week doing what I want w/o the kids
Blog at least 3 days a week
Read 3 books

Find a place for everything in my house (organize)
Pay my bills on time (stick to my budget)
Develop a Home Contract
*Bonus Decorate my living room
*Bonus Make a list for 2010

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

I am Thankful for:

2 minutes to myself
A simple touch from that special someone
Good friends who will come when you have car trouble

Budget - June

Well I am starting off in the hole. I am going to try to spend less than $20.00 on food this month. I have should be able to eat mostly from what

Meal Plan 6/1-6/6

Meal Plan 6/1-6/6

I have been bad I will catch you up.
Week 1
Poptarts, bagels, toast and any of the open cereal
Monday-Wednesday school lunch. Thursday and Friday Make your own.
2-Bisquick chicken nuggets/ff
4-Manicotti/salad/garlic bread
5-Baked chicken/pasta salad/green beans
6- B-Poptarts L-Quesadilla D-Grill cheese/ff
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