Friday, May 1, 2009

May Meal Plan

Week 1

May 1-9
1-Salad and bread (if weather permits we will have a fire for May Day)
2- B- Poptarts L- Beans and franks D-Kentucky Hot Brown
3- B-Eggs w/toast L-Ramen D- Salsa Chicken in Crockpot/ rice / corn / cornbread
4-Spaghetti/salad/garlic toast
5-Taco salad
7-Smoked Sausage,potatoes, onions and peppers
8-Baked potato bar
9- B-Cin Rolls L-Cheese and fruit D-Hf deluxe/salad

Week 2

May 10-16
10- B- French toast L- Pizza Rolls D-Pork Roast
11- Hotdogs/chips
12-Italian baked chicken/peas/au gratin potatoes
13-Pull pork on buns/chips
14-Roasted chicken/mac&ch/green beans
15-Out to eat
16- B-Muffins L-Chicken Wraps D-Leftovers

Week 3

May 17-23
17-B-On Your Own L-Pasta Salad D-Salad w/chicken/bread
19-Pizza Pockets
20-Grill Cheese/Soup or FF
21-Popcorn Chicken/FF
23-B-Pancakes L-Hotdogs/chips D-Leftovers

Week 4

May 24-31
24-B-Pancakes L-Ramen D-Crockpot Chicken cheesy bacon rice/peas/cornbread
25-Pigs in a blanket/applesauce/corn
26-Mac&ch/green beans
28-Bisquick chicken nuggets/ff
29- Out to eat
30-B-Bagels L-HM Lunchables D-Leftovers
31-B-Hf/toast L-Cheese,fruit and crackers D-Pork chops/stuffing/green beans

Weekday Breakfast:
Cin. toast,poptarts, cereal, boiled eggs, toast

Popcorn, brownies, chips, chips & salsa, cookies

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