Thursday, November 12, 2009


Shopping today
Okay I did some stockpiling today. I did not do as well as most of you but I am still pretty proud of how well I did. I bought 43 items for a total of $82.31 that is an average of $1.91 per item! Here are the highlights.....
4 frozen pizzas $3.99 each
2 lb of bacon $5.00
2 10 Kroger ham $3.49
4 Starkist tuna $1.00 each
4 frozen veggies $1.00 each
2 packs El Paso taco season $1.00 for both
4 lb ground beef $1.25 each
12 boxes of cereal for $10.00 (that is less than a $1.00 a box!)
2 cans of Dole pineapple FREE!
My girls laughed when they saw the cereal. But I know that it will be gone in no time.

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