Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Meal Plan 11/9-11-15

Meal Plan 11/9-11/15
It is Monday again! I am going to try to get myself together again! Because of a new bill that has been added to the list I will be a really tight budget from here on out. I have to work on keeping my food budget to $250.00 a month and $50.00 for household.
So this week we are eating mostly what I have on hand.

Monday-Grilled Cheese/Tomato soup (I made it!)
Tuesday-Crock pot salsa chicken/rice/corn/cornbread
Wednesday-Chicken quesadilla/rice/corn
Friday- OUT
Saturday-Sandwiches/chips/pasta salad
Sunday-Beef Stew/cornbread

I am keeping things simple in the hope that will help me.

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