Monday, April 20, 2009

Meal plan 4/20-4/26

We did pretty good this weekend the only problem I have is DD#2 is always eating. I told her that she can only eat when it is time and she would have to give her body some time to get used to the new schedule.
This week is pretty easy I have also included a cost per serving in ( ) this is a general idea of the price per serving I am not going to figure the cost of salt! For the most part each meal serves 3.
Monday: Hot Subs, chips and fruit (1.78) DS therapy at 3:00 DD#2 soccer practice at 5:30
To Do: Thaw ground beef for tacos
Tuesday: Taco Salad (1.40) To over to a friends for the evening
To Do: No prep needed
Wednesday: Quesdilla (cheese), rice and corn (1.00) No appointments
To Do: Thaw chicken
Thursday: Quick teriyaki chicken (1.00) No appointments
To Do: Thaw Sausage
Friday: Pasta bake salad and garlic bread (1.50) DS therapy 2:00 Me therapy 3:00
Saturday: B-Muffins (.50) L- Chicken Wraps w/chips (1.25) D- Leftovers (0) DD#2 softball game 12:00 have to be there at 11:30 DD#1 job interview 10-12 OH! I forgot DS and DD#2 are volunteers for Special Olympics 8-1 I need to call the coach and let him know.
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