Friday, April 17, 2009

I have done better this week with my meal plan and getting back on schedule. I went shopping yesterday and stayed on budget even with the added items!
Walmart shopping list:
Potting soil 4.00
Toilet Paper 3.76
Cat litter (2) 5.87 each
Pork-n-beans (2) .42 each
Butter .96
1/2 gal milk 1.00
Cereal 2.24
Yugioh Cards 3.98 (for my helper)
16lb Cat food 11.52 (should last a month)
Tortilla chips (2) 1.78 each
Ruffles chips(2) 3.50 each family size
Frozen Broccoli 1.12
Sandwich bags 1.05
Grilled Chicken Strips(2) 2.50 each
Swiss Cheese 2.14
Shredded Moz Cheese 1.50
Flour tortilla 1.12
Alum. Foil 1.12
Bread .75
Hotdog buns (2) .75 each
Lettuce .75
1/2lb Ham 2.05
1lb Turkey 4.18
Rye bread 1.83
Hairspray (Ausie) 3.22
Eggs (1 broke) .98
Left in April Budget-$18.67
I still have to buy spinach, 2 texas toast, bottle water and soft drinks. That should take care of the budget.

Weekend Plans:
Friday: DS dr. appointment and clean
Saturday: DD#2 therapy, soccer game, out with friends for most of the afternoon.
Sunday: Finish was did not get done and DD#2 softball practice
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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