Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meal Plan 7/19-7/31

I know that it has been a looonngg time I am sorry. All I can say is that I will try to do better.
My meal plan is based pretty much on what I have on hand. I am hoping that what I do have to buy will be less than $50.00 for the rest of the month.
Also I am going to school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. It makes it hard to plan because we generally don't want to eat dinner at 5:00. So DD#1 (who goes to the same school on the same days) and I grab something on the run and the twins will make something from the choices I give them.

7/19 Monday:The twins made pasta while DD#1 and I were at school.

7/20 Tuesday: Subs with chips

7/21 Wednesday: Grilled cheese with soup or chips

7/22 Thursday: Takeout Pizza

7/23 Friday: Pacakes with sausage links

7/24 Saturday: Homemade chicken nuggets/tater tots/peas

7/25 Sunday: Turkey/stuffing/mashed potatoes/corn/cornbread (some don't liked mashed taters some don't like stuffing)

7/26 Monday: School The choices for this week are:
7/27 Tuesday: School Soup/Grilled Cheese/Quesadilla/Mac&Cheese w/veggie/Pizza/Eat
7/28 Wednesday: School with Grandparents

7/29 Thursday: Taco Salad

7/30 Friday: French Toast/bacon

7/31 Saturday: Leftover Buffet (I would like to get as much as I can cleared out for what I hope will be one BIG shop for the month of August.)

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