Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meal Plan 10/12-10/18

Meal Plan 10/12-10/18
Monday-Chili/crackers (2lbs ground beef 2.80 Tomatoe soup & juice 2.00 spices .50= $5.30) there is enough for lunch for the rest of the week)
Tuesday-BBQ pork sandwiches (free leftovers from mom)/FF $1.00
Wednesday- Pizza ($4.00)/green salad (1.50) =$5.50
Thursday-Salsa Chicken (4.00)/corn (.50)/rice (.25)/cornbread (.50)=$5.25
Friday-Chicken Quesadilla (tortilla-1.00/cheese-2.00/leftover chicken-0)=$3.00
Saturday-Fried Chicken (4.00)/stuffing (1.00)/peas (.50)/biscuits (1.30)=$6.80
Sunday-Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers (Ground chuck 2.50 on clearance)/buns (.75)/FF (1.00)/corn (1.00)=$5.25
Weekly total= $32.10
Not bad but I spent $88.36 at the store! Snacks and pop killed me. Pop alone was $21.00 I have to find a way to cut this out.

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