Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meal Plan 6/22-6/30

I did ok sticking to the meal plan last week. I have found that the worst part about meal planning for me is my kids. DD#1 isn't home enough any more to matter but the twins seem to be on the run too this summer. So what I have come up with is dinner is at 6:00 and if you are not there you can reheat it or make your own. My kitchen is closed for cooking after dinner. Another issue I am having is breakfast and lunch. Monday-Friday they can make their own. On the weekends I have decided you are on your own for breakfast but I will plan a lunch, on Sunday I am going to plan Brunch and Dinner.
My Meal Plan for the rest of June is pretty much planned because I am using what I have but for July I am going back to planning week by week. In July I am going to try to spend only $38 a week for all 3 meals.
Bagelfuls/bagel, toast w/peanutbutter or cereal
Sloppy Joes, leftovers, pb&j, ramen and taco salad
22: Salsa chicken/rice/corn
23: Taco Bake/rice/green beans
24: Pasta w/sauce/green beans/garlic bread
25:Pork Chops/cornbread stuffing/peas
26: ShakenBake Chicken/fruit/leftover veggies
27: B-OYO L- Ramen/fruit D-Teriyaki chicken/rice/peas
28: LEFTOVER DAY (we eat whatever is on hand)
29: Mac&ch/green beans
30: Smoked Sausage/pasta salad/peas
For more great meal plans go to Orgjunkie.com

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